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The Road to the 2008 DNC: Barack Obama for President

We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the issues. Then, be an active participant in the democratic process and get involved. ** DISCUSS the candidates and issues in the DenverDNC2008 Townhall

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Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates:  

Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York Senator)
Withdrew 6/8/08
Books by Hillary
YouChoose 08 profile (video)

Democratic Presidential Debates:
NBC News/MSNBC debate in PA
MSNBC debate in NH
VIDEO: ABC/Iowa Debate
VIDEO: CNN-YouTube Debate
VIDEO: 6/3 Democratic Debate

•  Fund Raising amounts by Presidential candidates
• YouTube's YouChoose 08
• YouTube's CitizenTube
Books by the Candidates
Books criticizing the Bush Adminstration
The Issues

John Edwards (former North Carolina Senator)
• Withdrew 1/30, after Florida.
Books by John
YouChoose 08 profile (video)
• MSNBC Meet The Press "Meet The Candidate" video

Joe Biden (Delaware Senator)
Withdrew 1/4/08, after Iowa results
Books by Joe
YouChoose 08 profile (video)
• MSNBC Meet The Press "Meet The Candidate" video

Dennis Kucinich (Ohio Representative)
Withdrew 1/25, before SC
Books by Dennis
YouChoose 08 profile (video)

Bill Richardson (New Mexico Governor)
Withdrew 1/11/08, after NH
Books by Bill
YouChoose 08 profile (video)
• MSNBC Meet The Press "Meet The Candidate" video

Christopher Dodd (Connecticut Senator)
Withdrew 1/3/08, after Iowa results
Books by Chris
YouChoose 08 profile (video)

Tom Vilsack (Iowa Governor)
Withdrew 2/23/07

Noteables: Dems who have announced they would not run:
Al Gore  
Wesley Clark - supporting Hillary Clinton Evan Bayh
  Tom Daschle
Independent maybes: Howard Dean
Michael Bloomberg Russ Feingold
Ron Paul (if he does not get the RNC nomination) John Kerry
  Mark Warner
  Al Sharpton

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