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The Issues

Health Care.
Two reasons: 1) 44,000,000 Americans are uninsured, and 2) it poses challenges for American businesses. This is not a partisan issue, rather a very real concern for millions of Americans.

Iraq War.
There are many opinions on this one. Americans have many reasons to be critical of the Bush Administration's poor management of the Iraq War, from its conception through today. What we do will have very real consequences for the United States, Iraq and the World for decades to come.

Global Warming.
It is time to listen to the scientists and become a global leader in a solution to the problem.

Our economy has and will continue to change: It is more global, and services and technology have a greater role in today's American economy. It is important we have a strong education system to enable Americans to compete in today's global and agile economy.

The Economy.
This is a given. Improving our education and health care systems will support long-term economic growth.


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