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Recommended Reading

Whether you are a Democrat, an Independent, a curious Republican, or are attending the Democratic National Convention, these books will give great insight into the Bush Administration and why we have today's America. We encourage you to read at least one of these...and then pass it on to a friend.

Books critical of the Bush Administration:

Against All Enemies
Author: Richard Clarke

The Scorpion's Gate
Author: Richard A. Clarke

Author: Richard A. Clarke

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
Author: Lee Iacocca

Plan of Attack
Author: Bob Woodward

Bush at War
Author: Bob Woodward

State of Denial
Author: Bob Woodward

Conservatives Without Conscience
Author: John W. Dean

Worse Than Watergate
Author: John W. Dean

The Politics of Truth
Author: Joseph Wilson

Author: Jeremy Scahill

House of Bush, House of Saud
Author: Craig Unger

Bush's Brain
Author: James Moore, Wayne Slater

The Assault on Reason
Author: Al Gore


Books by the Candidates
Books criticizing the Bush Adminstration

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